Chimney Sweeping

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Keep your fireplace operating safely with regular chimney sweeping.

Your fireplace is one of centerpieces of your living room or family room, and a gathering place for cozy family evenings. Nothing beats the warm glow and aromatic smell of a fireplace on a cold winter’s night. But along with all that charm comes a certain amount of risk and responsibility, which is why your chimney should be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis.

Just as a car needs regular oil changes, fireplace chimneys, wood stoves and furnace flues require proper care and maintenance to ensure that everything is operating properly and safely. The professionals at Just Chimneys & Stucco Remediation are your local experts to call for affordable, state-of-the-art chimney sweeping and inspections.

The Hidden Dangers of Creosote Buildup

Your chimney plays a vital role in keeping you and your family safe. A chimney’s purpose is to contain harmful smoke, gases and unburned wood particles and transport them to the outside of your home. But as smoke travels up the chimney, it cools and deposits an organic substance on your chimney liner called creosote. Every time you use your fireplace or wood stove, additional creosote is created and deposited to the inside of your chimney as the smoke cools and condenses.

Over time, the creosote builds up and forms a caked lining on layer that increases with each use. And since creosote is made up of particles from the wood, it is incredibly combustible. After enough creosote builds up, it can ignite and result in a fast-spreading, dangerous chimney fire.

According to the latest statistics from the National Fire Protection Administration (NFPA), there are over 25,000 chimney fires per year, resulting in millions of dollars of property damage.  Don’t become a statistic. Ensure that your chimney gets a regular cleaning at least once a year.

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The Chimney Sweeping Experts

It might sound simple, but chimney sweeping is a detailed process that requires an expert’s care to be done properly. Professional chimney cleaning is the key to keeping your chimney functioning and your home and family safe. In addition to the chimney liner and fire box, we also clean and inspect the chimney cap to remove any blockage or creosote buildup to ensure proper air flow and minimize fire risk.

The professionals at Just Chimneys & Stucco Remediation use specialized brushes and vacuums to sweep your chimney thoroughly and completely. We keep up with the latest techniques and up-to-date equipment to ensure the best results possible.

State-of-the-Art Chimney Inspections

Cracks in chimney linings can leak carbon monoxide and other harmful gases into your home, putting you and your family at risk. Also, a chimney flue blocked by debris can result in major problems, including smoke and deadly carbon monoxide buildup in your home and a possible chimney fire. A proper chimney inspection will identify defects on the interior of the chimney lining as well as areas on the exterior that have damage. Having your chimney regularly inspected for leaks can ensure your safety and help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

The experts at Just Chimneys & Stucco Remediation use the latest technology to perform a thorough inspection of your chimney’s liner. Even with strong lights and sunshine, it’s virtually impossible to get a clear look at every section of a chimney’s liner. Just Chimneys & Stucco Remediation uses Chim-Scan® high-resolution Lighthouse cameras to get a 360 degree view of the entire length of the liner, enabling us to identify any cracks or areas of concern.

If there are open areas within the chimney, they can drastically reduce its ability to operate properly, and leave condensates and by-products to escape inside the chimney. If not removed, these products can deteriorate the interior and lead to a costly repair.

After performing a visual and Chim-Scan® camera inspection of the chimney and liner, we’ll review our findings with you and recommend any corrective action, if needed. These detailed HD images of difficult to view areas provide verification that the chimney flue is free from soot and debris and confirms that the chimney is in good operational condition and can vent the gases and soot properly.

An annual chimney inspection and sweeping by one of Just Chimneys and Stucco’s experts is a modest but important investment that can help keep your family safe and prolong the life of your chimney.

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